Building a Cyber Secured Nation Together



Cyber Security awareness is a fundamental aspect within our communities and the aim is to re-introduce the cyber security awareness programme to enhance online safety and security. There are various types of hackers which are good and bad. Our objective is to plant a seed to ensure that good hackers help South Africa fight against Cyber Crime. Our aim to educate and encourage our youth to venture into the cyber security landscape, by doing this with the assistance from government and our Thought Leaders, together we can build a White Hat Hackers Unit otherwise known as ethical hackers in South Africa to protect our country from cyber-crimes.

Cyber Cubs Initiative

A roadshow aimed at Primary school children, teaching them to be cyber aware and especially combat cyber bullying

Cyber Warriors Initiative

The second level to the initiative, aimed at high school students. Competitions will be held, teaching them coding. This is where we begin to build our white hat hackers unit.

Cyber Leaders Initiative

The third level to the initiative, aimed at tertiary level students, such as TVET colleges, Universities, etc. Workshops will be held with the potential for internships with various cyber security companies