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“Is there light at the end of the dark web?”

7EA has designed a state buy in action plan called the Summit on Cyber Cerebral South Africa. The Summit brings together world renowned thinkers in cyber security and creates a nationwide awareness of technology use and cyber knowledge. It’s said that CCSAS is a “world class” event and one of its kind by its attendants and the media. This resulted in successful volume 1 and volume 2 and has now been backed by public demand with volume 3 opening 2020 in Cape Town.


Our vision is to ensure vast opportunities for our youth. We must proactively and thoughtfully reinvent the future of cyber security in Africa, by its future leaders. It is our responsibility to educate the South African Cyber Communities with the most updated and advanced information ensuring that we have a plan of action to combat cyber-criminals


Our mission is to build a cyber secure nation which will be conceptualized into a plan of action by state buy-in. With the number of threats and data breaches increasing with clear evidence that home-grown cyber criminals are becoming more skilled and efficient in their “practice”. Cyber Security awareness is a fundamental aspect within our communities. The aim is to re-introduce the cyber security awareness programme to enhance the online safety and security for our communities.

4 Pillars for 2020

Hot topics for discussion for CCSAS 2020 Vol.3

Corporate Cyber Security

The new “Resilience” is used in corporate cyber security: An increasing number of cyber security management teams realize it is impossible to stop 100 percent of threats and cyber safety solutions can be more effective if successful attacks are minimized.

Managing Cyber Security Crises

When cyber crime rates increase exponentially and businesses remain under prepared to fight cyber attacks, the first and last line of protection must be established by cyber security experts.

Skills Development in Cyber

For many organizations, cyber security is an important priority, whether you recruit diverse, qualified personnel or prepare your inner staff to become well rounded cyber security professionals.

Personal Cyber Security

Make sure you’re concerned about cyber security: take possession of your personal data. There is a misunderstanding. In short, users need their data and online presence better owned as part of daily cyber security practices.

Our Leadership Council for 2020

Our Leadership Council consists of well esteemed Cyber Security and IT Leaders whose objectives are to help raise awareness in Cyber Security in South Africa and Africa.

Thabo Johnson

Founder/CEO of African Society for Cyber Security Awareness

Adv. Jaqueline Fick

CEO of Viz Strat Solutions

Lucien Pierce

Director and Partner at Phukubje Pierce Masithela Attorneys

Our Speakers for CCSAS 2020 Vol.3

Sandro Bucchianeri

Group Chief Security Officer at ABSA Group

Prudence Mabitsela

Managing Director at Dynamic DNA, 4IR Ambassador

Our First Partner for CCSAS 2020 Vol.3

Platinum Partner:

J2 Software

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