“Ndibambe Izandla”

“Ngibambe Izandla”

“Building a Cyber Secured Nation Together”

Cyber Leaders is Organised and brought to you by 7EA,

In partnership with African Society for Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber Leaders is an Initiative that is focused on tertiary level students and is geared towards educating and empowering them with the proper Cyber Security knowledge. It is common that some people only want to deal with a problem once it hits home or happens to them first. But why wait until something becomes personal first?


We want to plant a seed to ensure that more ethical hackers can help fight the good fight against cyber threats and help South Africa decrease cyber-crime rates.


With the help of our government and thought leaders on our side, we can surly build a White Hat Hackers Unit and prevent cyber-attacks on our country.


Our vision is to create job opportunities and prepare students to step into vacant cyber security positions ensuring that they receive job placements and that a difference is made in the cyber security community and that South Africa’s cyber security capabilities and landscapes are broadened.



Our mission is to educate tertiary level students to become cyber security leaders and encourage them with so much Cyber security knowledge that they will become ethical hackers and  leaders standing up against cyber-crime in our country.

Target Market

Cyber Leaders Initiatives, target audience will come from TVET Colleges and Universities in the Western Cape and Gauteng province. The total amount of TVET Colleges in the Western Cape is 18 and the total amount of universities in the western cape is 11. The total amount of TVET Colleges in Gauteng is 41 and the total amount Universities in Gauteng is 17.

TVET Colleges and Universities students will have the opportunity to further their education within the cyber security industry. They will be lectured and mentored by Thought Leaders on how to practice safe online habits, educate their peers and family members about cyber security and be trained on how to handle and prevent cyber-attacks for our country.