“Ndibambe Izandla”

“Ngibambe Izandla”

“Building a Cyber Secured Nation Together”

Cyber Cubs is Organised and brought to you by 7EA,

In partnership with African Society for Cyber Security Awareness


Cyber Cubs is an Initiative that is geared towards young children in primary schools. The initiative seeks to educate these young minds on how to be safe online. With a world that is run by technology, we need to educate our kids on the dangers of the web and how to protect themselves against cyber-crime.

Children are using the internet for what they believe is fun and good, such as videos, games, google, YouTube, etc.


Are they educated enough to know the do’s and the don’ts of the internet? Are teachers educated in this subject? Does Parents know how to educate their kids? 



Our vision is to educate young kids from disadvantaged and advantaged areas to become more cyber savvy, and cyber aware. With the increase in cyber bullying, we need to encourage our kids to be more vigilant about practicing safe online habits. We need to ensure that social breakdown points such as cyber bullying are eliminated from schools.



Our Mission is to enable the kids to participate safely online. Cyber Security is a shared responsibility not only in the works place but also at home and schools. We need cyber security ambassadors and what better way to start at Primary school level.

Target Market

All primary schools within the Western Cape and Gauteng Region. The Cyber Cubs initiative will focus on age groups from 7 years old to 12 years old. The total amount of Primary Schools in the Western Cape is 1176, and the total amount of Primary Schools the Gauteng province is 1782.

Meet the cubs



Hi! My name is Zenande and I am Kgosi’s twin sister. We are from Mitchell’s Plain.

I love watching videos on YouTube and playing video games with my brother. I like computers and want to be a Chief Information Security Officer when I grow up.



Hi! My name is Kgosi I am Zenande’s twin brother, but I am the oldest! I love playing online video games with my friends. Fortnite is my absolute favourite and I can play for hours with my friends who live far away. I want to be an IT Technician when I grow up.