Cyber Warriors Initiative 

“Ndibambe Izandla”

“bambe Izandla”

“Building a Cyber Secured Nation Together”

Cyber Warriors is Organised and brought to you by 7EA, 

In partnership with African Society for Cyber Security Awareness

Warriors is an Initiative that focuses on educating High School Students with more advanced Cyber Security skills. We want students to think out of the box and think like a hacker, because a lot of kids are born with coding minds but does not know how to implement it and use it for the good.



We live in a world where hackers are becoming more intelligent and advanced, so what is stopping us from creating and educating South African students on becoming more cyber technical and advanced to help combat cyber threats, and create a better tomorrow.



Our vision is to ensure that we create WHITE HAT HACKERS who will become our future solutions who will protect us against attacks, find weaknesses in software and keep our data protected. 



Our mission is to unravel our youths talented minds so they can  become more cyber technical and advanced to help combat cyber threats. Creating a better tomorrow for the future of cyber security.

Target Market

All high schools within the Western Cape and Gauteng Region. The Cyber Warriors initiative will focus on age groups from 13 years old to 18 years old. The total amount of High Schools in Western Cape is 436, and the total amount of High Schools in Gauteng is 1098.

Competition Details


We will run a coding competition at every school, selecting the top 2 students at each school to go into the second round, where they will be mentored by the Cyber Cubs committee. The applicants will be given educational content geared towards effectively combating cyber bullying. There will be 4 rounds to the competition, which are as follows:


Round 1 – Compete locally with the schools
Round 2 – Top 2 compete within the region
Round 3 – Winner from the region will compete nationally
Round 4 – National winner will be announced and given Internship                                   opportunities at cyber security companies.