Cyber Cerebral South Africa Summit

The very first 7EA project, CCSAS is a world class summit, with a focus on the ever growing cyber security threats in South Africa and Africa. Click on the website button to find out more.

DBAT Drone Build-a-Thon

A 7EA Cape Town first, this exciting event aims to teach people of all ages more about drones and to have fun while learning.

Cyber Cubs Initiative

A roadshow aimed at Primary school children, teaching them to be cyber aware and especially combat cyber bullying

Cyber Warriors Initiative

The second level to the initiative, aimed at high school students. Competitions will be held, teaching them coding. This is where we begin to build our white hat hackers unit.

Cyber Leaders Initiative

The third level to the initiative, aimed at tertiary level students, such as TVET colleges, Universities, etc. Workshops will be held with the potential for internships with various cyber security companies